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Steering Committee

The steering committee consists of up to 15 members. The first 9 members are the members of the inaugural steering committee. Further members (up to 6) are the program chair(s) of the next AFT conference, and the program chair(s) of the two most recent AFT conferences that have taken place - up two members per edition, even if there were more PC-chairs due to exigent circumstances. PC-Chair Membership in the steering committee changes after every AFT conference.

Starting 2025, the positions held by the 9 members of the inaugural steering committee will be determined by an election that takes place yearly, usually at the AFT conference, among the attendees of the conference. Each year, three positions are up for election, in an initial order the committee will determine by 2025. The term of each elected member is 3 years. Re-election is permitted. The steering committee elects among itself a chair or multiple co-chairs every year, starting 2025.

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